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Subject: position in the shoe
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red_folder.gif posted on 28/1/2019 at 02:56 New 

It would appear that there is some sort of ledge behind the toes that lifts up Nike Air Vapormax Donne the forefoot, and I’m a bit wary of this as it would seem that it might increase pressure under the metatarsal heads, and also alter the interaction between the toes and the ground (as this recent video by Jay Dicharry on the Running Times website shows, the toes can play a very important stabilizing role during stance phase of running). Why this concerns me is that if the ledge reduces the load bearing capability of the toes by lifting up the MTP joint, it could lead to increased pressure on the met heads and increased bending of the metatarsal shafts as pointed out in this 1979 paper by Stokes et al. (boldface text is my emphasis):“Disorders of the foot which reduce the load-bearing function of the toes result in less load in the m.t.p. joints. However, they also give greater bending moments in the Nike Air Max TN Donne metatarsal bones, and produce Adidas ZX 700 Femme greater stresses at the attachments of the metatarsals to the tarsus. This may be a common reason for pain and march fractures in the metatarsals, and for progressive changes and deformities in the midfoot joints.”I’d be curious to see pressure tracings taken while wearing this shoe. One of my big concerns about the Vibram Fivefingers is that I personally feel like the structure of the toe pockets in some models limits my ability to flex my toes, and thus my mets take a beating. I have a suspicion (totally speculative) that this may be related to why some people develop metatarsal stress fractures in the VFF’s. In fact, I went for a run this past weekend in VFF Komodo’s for the first time in quite awhile and was surprised at how achy my forefeet felt after the run – I couldn’t wait to rip them off Nike Air Max 90 Mujer at the end so I could wiggle Nike Air Max 2017 Donne my toes (this does not happen to me in other zero-drop shoes). I have no idea what the effect of the Mizuno Be insole might be, but altering forces between the toes and forefoot can be problematic, and is something to watch out for when these shoes are out on the market. At the very least, heeding Mizuno’s advice to use these as a non-running “training shoe” might be wise until we get a good handle on what the effect of this insole design might be on the foot and leg. Alternatively, if Mizuno provided a flat insole for use while running (if you wanted to try it), that might solve the problem.I was given a pair of the Be this week to wear test and analyze at the clinic. It’s certainly got the look of a running shoe and this may cause confusion and tempt people to treat it as a running shoe. They www.melanieo.fr are a very light, nice generous Nike Air Max Tavas Femme fitting last and upper for me. I was pleased to see that the toe box is more of a true anatomical shape that leaves both good width across all the metatarsal heads as well as not squeezing the toes together. This is essential for good alignment to the great toe and its stabilization efforts. The ridge that allows the toes to drop, flex and engage the foot’s intrinsic muscles is very interesting. I notice a difference more when I stand in place with respect to balance and my foot’s position in the shoe. It becomes less noticeable when walking.They are stiffer than I was expecting. Torsionally have a more semi-rigid midsole. It isn’t a typical soft EVA foam but more rubbery. At a 6mm drop I thought I would notice the heel differential. It feels quite flat overall. There is no heel counter aside Nike Air Vapormax Femme from a small plastic external counter Nike Air Max 95 Damskie around the back of the heel.I think, after a few days with them, I wouldn’t expect people to find the ridge distal to the met heads very comfortable to run with. During a discussion with the rep who provided me with them she made it clear that the shoe’s durability is not made to take running mileage. The forefoot portion past the ridge is completely soft (kind of like the Hattoris) and I’d expect would break down fast if someone ran with them.
I am enjoying standing and working in them and haven’t had any discomfort with respect to foot, arch or metatarsal fatigue or pressure. I think those that wear low drop casual shoes such as VivoBarefoot, NB Wellness, or Merrell Barefoot would like these.
Hope this helps.

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