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Subject: What is an utomatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine?
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red_folder.gif posted on 7/1/2019 at 11:39 New 

Automatic tractor mounted garlic sowing machine is a reliable garlic seeding device, not only safe to operate, but also high in production efficiency, but some users who have not used the equipment are not very familiar with it, do not know what is the automatic tractor installation garlic planter ? Today, Aike will tell you about it.
How to harvest the planter: Combine the harvest with two types of equipment. Pull and gather the machine. The garlic is excavated from the soil using a combination of lifting and separating. And a combination of primary and secondary cloth chains to help remove soil. The cutting system can also be assembled to trim long stems and blow off the residue. After the ups and downs, the garlic is gently spread on the ground to form two side by side ridges to dry.
The air is used to transport the garlic from the clod to the belt, and most of the inferior garlic and debris are blown out from the back of the device. Four picking stations were also designed, where the worker picked up the clods from the garlic on one side and picked up the garlic from the clods on the other side. Clean garlic is loaded into the storage bin.
Garlic is a labor-intensive cultivation crop. Harvesting is an important part of its production process. It has the problems of high labor intensity, occupation of agricultural time, strong seasonal harvest, large harvest loss and low efficiency. It has become an influence on the development of garlic production. The main bottleneck of industrial growth. As an economic crop, garlic plays an important role in China's international trade. Therefore, the use of machinery to harvest garlic is a trend.

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