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Subject: Wedding hardware refers to which hardware hardware golden wedding hardware purchase strategy


red_folder.gif posted on 3/9/2018 at 10:59 New 

The hardware of marriage refers to which hardware, a lot of brides are not very clear, the next with small make up look at the hardware of marriage is which hardware, wedding hardware selection strategy and wedding list, hope to help you.

Wedding hardware refers to which hardware

A traditional wedding "three gold" means a necklace, earring, ring, or bracelet, earring, or necklace. With the development of The Times, the "three gold" gradually evolved into the "hardware" of marriage, which refers to necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, as well as necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelet and ankle chains. In fact, the wedding three gold hardware or according to the woman wants what to buy, is not necessarily fixed three gold or hardware.

Marriage three gold hardware material material can be gold also can be platinum, colour gold, think commonly is gold. If the number of double Numbers, there are pairs of implied meaning, obviously auspicious. According to the ancient custom on wedding day, the bride should wear all the three gold hardware to show her respect for her in-laws' family. However, different local customs can be used to wear the hardware according to local customs.

Wedding hardware shopping guide

Choose a ring by accident

If your fingers are long and white, virtually all ring styles will suit you. If the fingers are round, a wider ring design will be more suitable for you. The ring is the wedding hardware is particularly important in a gold, when choosing must choose to suit their own.

2. Gold necklace

If the wedding dress is not an open-necked one, then a short necklace is a good choice. On the contrary, if you choose an open-necked dress, then a medium-length necklace will be more matching to adorn the beauty of the bride-to-be.

Choosing earrings

Earrings also play an important role in wedding hardware. Simple button-down or ear-covering earrings are better for a short-cut bride-to-be. And small ring ear shape can foil the elegant temperament of the bride-to-be with long hair more; If you have curly hair, gorgeous earrings that hang down the chain will make you more attractive.

4. Skillful player chain and bracelet

A wide, loose bracelet is perfect for a bride with rounded arms and rounded wrists. If the arms are slim and longer, you can choose to wear two or more bracelets, which will make the bride-to-be look more feminine.

Choose a pendant

Pendants may only appear in part of the wedding hardware range, but be aware of their selection techniques. If the bride is round face, then the drop shape, rectangular, curved style of pendant can be more facial lines. If the bride-to-be has a long face, it is recommended to choose an atmospheric and simple pendant style, which can better show the natural style, while a small face is the other way around.

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