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Author juergen

juergen - 15/1/2017 at 21:32

Be carful.

It looks like someone is using this and other pages to get your money! There are at least two kinds of problems: "someone" is offering housing at a very low price, ok, BUT this "someone" is sending almost exactly the same mails (only the address of the house is changing) from different emails, asking to call a number in the UK... this is very suspicious, isn't it ? please let's warn people not to trust that "someone" and not to call the number, and of course not to give any money !Most of the times they have good pictures from the room but for some reason they can not meet you. This is Scram, believe us!


If you have stories like this please add your story here!

Adry - 13/6/2017 at 10:11

Yeah a lot of people who want to build up scams are looking there !

Be careful, never agree to come with the deposit in cash, never agree to "send money to a trusted friend or relative" via Western Union or Moneygramm and give the receipt.
Always insist to meet the person and to see the appartment, someone who is trustworthy will always accept, and only exchange the deposit for the keys.

Otherway those are obvious scams, trying to steal people.

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