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juniperqq - 22/1/2019 at 08:25

Cold rolled steel coil in stock Production Line In 2017, the company invested heavily in the introduction of the most advanced high-tech reversible rolling mill in China. It has the advantages of stable quality, high work efficiency and low production cost.

Products are favored by customers in Southeast Asia. Through cold rolling, it can obtain the required thickness of the overseas market, the product has a high flatness, and has the characteristics of high punching performance and low yield point, so high quality cold rolled steel coil china has a wide range of applications, mainly for automobiles, Printing iron drums, building materials and other industries, but also the best substrates for galvanizing, organic coatings.

Cold rolled steel coil factory in stock
Company Name: Shandong HENGZE New Material Co., Ltd.
Address: High Technology Industrial Development Zone, Taian, China
Contact: Elijah Wen
Contact number: +86 0538-6624686
Mobile: +86 18905380622
Fax: +86 0538-6624686

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