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Party A: _________ Party B: _________ Party B rents the listed houses managed by Party A as _________, and the parties agree to comply with the following matters: Housing: _________ District _________ Building _________ Unit _________ Area: _________ square meters. 1. This lease is a certificate for Party B to obtain the right to use the rented house. Both Party A and Party B have the obligation to abide by the state's housing laws and the city's housing policies and laws. 2. When the rent of the house changes due to housing conditions or rent standards, the rent shall be adjusted. The monthly rent shall be paid by Party B by _________.
3. Party B may terminate the lease and reclaim the house if one of the following circumstances occurs: (1) transfer, lease or privately exchange the rented house; (2) change the leased use without the consent of Party A; (3) ) Unreasonable rents for more than three months <a href="">see more </a>
4. Party A shall inspect and repair the houses and equipment according to the repair standards to ensure safe and normal use. When Party A repairs the house, Party B shall actively assist and shall not hinder the construction. Under normal circumstances, if the inspection is not timely, the repair is not timely, and the house collapses, causing Party B to suffer economic losses, Party A shall be responsible for compensation.
5. Party A shall identify the danger of the house and shall not continue to use it. When it must be vacated, Party B shall move out on time and its residence shall be settled by Party A. If Party B delays all losses caused by the accident, Party B shall be responsible.
6. After Party A renovates the house rented by Party B, Party B has the right to lease the right, but an agreement should be signed in advance.
7. Party B shall be responsible for the storage and care of the rented houses and interior decoration equipment, paying attention to fire prevention and antifreeze. If there is any damage, Party B shall be responsible for repair or compensation. For public buildings and facilities such as stairwells, doorways and corridors, Party B shall take care of the use and take care of it to prevent damage.
8. Party B shall not arbitrarily dismantle or add houses or equipment. If necessary, the approval of Party A or the signing of an agreement may be obtained before the commencement of work. Otherwise, Party B shall be responsible for restitution.
9. When Party B retires the house, Party A shall notify Party A seven days before the following procedures: (1) Pay the rent and the compensation payable. (2) Houses and decoration equipment that are kept in accordance with the lease. (3) Cancellation of the lease <a href="">learn more </a>
X. Party B may terminate the lease when Party B is in charge of the house that is managed or managed by Party A.
11. Party A may terminate the lease when the house rented by Party B is required to be vacated due to national construction and special needs. The houses required by Party B shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations.
12. This lease is valid from the date of independence until _________year _________ month _________. One or _________ copies, both parties shall hold _________ copies, and if there are any outstanding matters, the two parties shall resolve the agreement.
XIII. Other _________ Party A (seal) _________ Party B (seal) _________
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