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Author juergen

juergen - 15/1/2017 at 21:30

Be carful.

It looks like someone is using this and other pages to get your money! There are at least two kinds of problems: "someone" is offering housing at a very low price, ok, BUT this "someone" is sending almost exactly the same mails (only the address of the house is changing) from different emails, asking to call a number in the UK... this is very suspicious, isn't it ? please let's warn people not to trust that "someone" and not to call the number, and of course not to give any money !Most of the times they have good pictures from the room but for some reason they can not meet you. This is Scram, believe us!


If you have stories like this please add your story here!

Mark - 17/3/2017 at 00:01


the person called "gebritts" tried to do the same thing with me.....So, be carefull....

Mark - 17/3/2017 at 07:46

Hi again,

Here is the email that "someone" called "gebritts" sent me in the middle of the night (around 1am):

"ok,can i send you the contract via email,then you will scan and sign back to me,and after both have sign the
contract then you will need to make a part of the payment to me here as the reservation payment so i can also post the apartment keys to you or i meet you at the apartment on your arrival day to the apartment,This are the following details i will be needing from you to prepare the contract...
Your name in full and address
Your date of birth
Your passport ID number
Your moving in and out date
Your phone number
please get back to me with the following details so i can prepare
the contract for you to sign back to me...."

So, if get this kind of emails, you should be very carefull....

Adry - 13/6/2017 at 10:30

Got the same mails from Geb ritts, Hele Simon A and Julianne Ni, they are scams for the 3 of them. Strangely they all have a 2 room appartment in stockholm and are all in a foreign country, and they all want to use Western Union.

JoJo4915 - 27/7/2017 at 00:36

I just face the same issue. Luckily, the money hasn't been sent out. :mad:

mingxing - 1/8/2017 at 20:57

It seemed that ricky was the "someone". he told me he just traveled to Aberdeen to start my new job.

kate_s - 8/10/2017 at 14:21

Hi guys, I'm writing here to ask for an advice.

Does anyone know where to complain if the person who was supposed to give me the keys has disapeared after I paid? I met the owner personally, I saw the apartment, I checked his ID-card and a first-hand contract of this apartment, I found him on facebook and other social networks, and I made sure that he is real and is registered on the address of the property that he was renting out. Also, we signed a contract, I made him write a confirmation that he received from me 5000 SEK.
So everything looked very real and safe and we agreed that he will prepare the apartment for me and I'll get the key in a week and then can move in. But then he disapeared and stoped answering my messages, phone calls, and emails.

Has anyone had a similar situation? Does anyone know what organization I have to contact? Do I need to go to a court (and how to start a process) or is there any special organization that investigates similar cases?

Any information and links (preferrably in english) would be very appreciated!

Kistalover - 7/1/2018 at 21:31

Hej Guys!
This add is fraud :mad: : Willing to pay 70% of the rent/Apt near KTH
ja2707705 posted on 30/12/2017

My friend has contacted this person named Simon Alaab (also Jacob in email) from Ukraine and he is renting his old parents apartment KÖRSBÄRSVÄGEN 20 Stockholm . He will ask you to contact via skype and has no other contact like mobile No, viber, whatsapp etc. Here is the small part of conversation made by him with my friend.

From Simon A!
To get the place reserved, we both will have to sign a Rental Agreement
contract which I will send to you by email. After this, you will read it and
then print it out. If you are okay with the terms. then you will sign it and
scan it back to me. After I receive your signed, I will sign it and return it
to you. Then I will go to DHL to post the keys to your address and I will send to
you a copy of the scanned receipt. But I will tell DHL to hold on to the keys until I have
confirmed the payment from you. Once this is done, then I will call DHL to
deliver the keys to your personal address.
So here are the details needed for contract preparation
Your full names and address
Your move in and out date
Your passport I'd number
Your phone number
Your address to post keys
Your phone number

Viva - 2/6/2018 at 13:58

These are scammers too:

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