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Author yanghuim

yanghuim - 28/1/2019 at 04:04

The use of the peanut harvester brings a lot of convenience and benefits to the user, so many users will choose the device when purchasing, then what are the main functions of the device? Today, theFactory supply and widely used Agricultural walking tractor driven mini corn harvester to tell you about its functions:
The main function:
Automated agricultural equipment for harvesting peanuts. The peanut harvesting machine is mainly used for harvesting and stacking of underground fruits such as peanuts. The recovery rate is greater than 99% and the breaking rate is less than 1%.
main feature:
The peanut harvester has good performance, wide adaptability and easy operation. The lower hanging pin shaft of the machine is inserted into the hanging armhole of the walking machine, and the pin is locked. The upper arm of the machine is linked with the central rod of the tractor, which can be rotated by rotating the central rod. Adjust the depth of the implement, the split gearbox is fixed to the output shaft of the tractor, and the gearbox of the implement is connected with the split gearbox by the arm.

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