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Author yanghm

yanghm - 11/1/2019 at 12:04

The use of Wholesale Tractor and multi-purpose Potato Peanut Carrots harvester has caused great changes in China's agricultural production. Its use not only brings great convenience, but also improves production and harvesting efficiency, so it is subject to agricultural production in China. Widely used, what are the advantages of this machine?
First, the main features:
The potato harvester is suspended behind a 10-12 hp walking tractor and powered by a walking tractor. It mainly harvests underground root-stem crops such as potatoes, garlic and sweet potatoes that are planted and intercropped with the machine. It has the characteristics of high harvesting efficiency, good performance, broken skin rate, simple structure and convenient operation and maintenance.
Second, the main structure and working principle:
The main structure of the machine is composed of large frame, main shaft combination, front and rear drive shaft combination, clutch, separate chain, digging shovel and vibrating screen. And the operation is relatively simple to use, safe to use, bringing great convenience to our production.

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