Thread: Analysis of the impact of molding on the performance of China cut off disc?

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yanghm - 8/1/2019 at 07:33

At present, a variety of cutting discs are popular on the market. When we choose a cutting disc in our life, we must aim at the profile to be cut, and secondly, we choose a cutting disc with excellent quality. There are many quality factors for the cutting disc. Let us look at the impact of the production process on China cut off disc.
The effect of the forming and firing process on the cutting performance of China cut off disc:
(1) The hardening temperature is too low, too high, the holding time is too short and too long is unfavorable for cutting performance. When the thickness is large, the slit is wide and the grinding wheel consumes a large amount; when the strength is guaranteed, the smaller the thickness, the better, which not only saves the grinding wheel material but also saves the material to be cut; when the flatness is large, the slit width is determined by the thickness, and the strength is thin. It is determined that the wear is large and the vibration is large, which will affect the entire cutting process. When the thickness of the grinding wheel is large and the thickness on the side is small, the side of the grinding wheel will be cut and the workpiece will be cut during the cutting process.
(2) There are three main methods of forming: hot pressing, cold pressing, and rolling. The pressure required for hot press forming is small. High molding density, high hardness, good strength, such as aurora cutting sheet; hot pressing method in northern China; cold pressing method has the advantage of not requiring heat source during hot pressing, suitable for abrasives of various bonding agents; Pressing method; rolling method requires less energy, low molding density, low efficiency, and is now less used. Generally, it is used in the thin-plate grinding wheel without the reinforcing mesh to export the resin disk grinding wheel.

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