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Author bumblebee

bumblebee - 17/11/2017 at 17:54


I am renting out my room temporarily from Dec 17th 2017 to Jan 17th 2018 as I am taking a vacation. It is a standard lappis corridor room,18 m2 with inbuilt bathroom and toilet while the kitchen is shared with other other corridor mates. Electricity,internet and water is included in the rent.The rent is negotiable.The room has

* A bed

* 2 wardrobes for clothes (I will empty one when I am gone)

* A study table

* 2 chairs

* A small table

* 2 bookshelves (I will empty one while I am gone)

* A new dedicated BIG FRIDGE.

* A new vacuum cleaner so that you can dont have use the bug infested
one in the corridor

* A new big 50" television

* A small kitchen top inside the room in case you want to make some coffee or quick snack

Everything is new ,so you can have a look and then decide . We can meet and talk or I can send you pictures of the same.I am looking for a responsible and tidy person . Feel free to contact me on ganeshvegito at if you are interested. Priority will be given to the first person who contacts me.


P.S - There is a possibility to occupy the room from Dec 2nd itself .

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