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ylq123 - 10/1/2019 at 10:12

The original place here is beautiful and flowing. Here, it is terrible. What happened to this? what happened? I'm so scaredscarecrow and I am going on a business trip by a task assigned by my superiors. After a few years, I went home. When I was standing on this land again, everything changed and changed... happened? I do not know. This is not as beautiful as it used to be. This was not the case before! How happy I was with my mom and dad before! Our family of three is accompanied by this beautiful field. The water, the little bird sings for us Carton Of Marlboro Reds Free Shipping, the big tree dances for us Newport Cigs Cheap, everything is so beautiful and harmonious, and now... see everything now, think back to the past Beautiful, I am very sad, very scared, more curious, I am anxious to find my father and mother, I have to ask them what is wrong with this? Why are the forests gone, leaving only the wooden stakes, why is the field like this? I want to find the answer! So I ran, ran, ran, I felt tired, I wanted to rest, so I stood there and admired everything around me: the sky is no longer so blue, there is no water, no big trees, no more That piece of warm ~ ~ I shed tears ... "What is that?" I saw a large group of sparrows flying to me, flying to me! Soon, the sparrow is already on me. Because I don't live to catch them, they panic, and there will always be a group of birds flying away. At this time, a little bird said: "Straw sister, please don't chase us anymore, we are already homeless, we have no way." Said, the bird cried. ��Homeless?�� ��The trees are gone, where are we coming from!�� said the bird sadly. Yeah, they are already homeless... "Well, I can let you live for a night, but you have to tell me what happened." I said. "Good. A few years ago, we came here with a group of people who were playing birds, logging, hunting animals, and setting up factories. Our animals have no way to stop them, so the animals here have moved, leaving only us. These old people and children, and we have..." The birds can��t talk anymore..g, all gone, Mom and Dad are gone, Auntie is gone, Grandparents are gone Wholesale Menthol Cigarettes, but only left me... God, you let them return to my home! Still my home! Mom, what happened to you? Why are you always frowning? The chick asked inexplicably..." The chicken mother sighed and said, "You don't know! Now it's almost New Year, I think I have to bring a gift to the Year of the Weasel, lest he want to eat us!" that, the mother of the chicken did not return to the present with a gift, and hurriedly went out. the chicken mother left, the chicken walked back and forth at home, thinking: Mom went to the weasel for the New Year - ah! This is simply a self-investment, she will be eaten by the viper of the weasel! No, I can't watch my mother go to death like this! I have to call the dog sheriff and let him catch the weasel! chicken flew to the telephone at the speed of a hundred meters, and dialed the dog sheriff's phone: "Dog sheriff! Dog sheriff! Nothing! My mother went to the weasel for the New Year!" Your mother went to the weasel for the New Year! How is she so stupid! I am here, I don't believe that I can't catch the bad guy today!" said the dog police officer. talk about the chicken mother! The chicken mother came to the door of the weasel's house and knocked on the door: the weasel asked lazily in the house.e, I am an old hen, come and give you a New Year's greeting."easel is an old hen, and there is a slap in the heart. I think: This old hen, really stupid, actually sent it to the door, haha! Today's meal is no need to worry!ore, the weasel tries to calm down the ecstasy of the hens Chicago Cigarettes Prices Cartons, and does not let the old hen know his own intrigue. He opened the door and deliberately pretended not to happen anything. He said, "Oh, it's you! You are too polite! Have a gift!"chicken mother looked at the weasel and was very enthusiastic. She relaxed her vigilance and sat on the sofa talking to the weasels Marlboro Cigarettes Online From Usa. talking for a while, the mother of the chicken felt that the time was not too early, and said: "The big weasel brother, time is not early, I should go back!"this time, the weasel reveals the true face of the mountain, saying: "Old hen, since it is here, don't leave!" After that, he swooped over to the old hen. time of the millennium, the dog sheriff broke into the door, and the chicken followed, and the weasel was subdued in three, five and two. The dog sheriff said, "I finally caught you today, see. You dare to I got home, the chicken mother said to the chicken, "I don't want to have more eyes on my baby today. I can't keep this old life. This is really a chicken for the weasel

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